Which vintage shop owner didn't try to buy online or blindly and got stuck with load of unsellable items? Because you didn't see what you exactly was buying, you end up with a load of stuff which you couldn't sell and saw your hard-earned money vanish?
Or the first order did well, but for the second order you end up with items you didn't wanted and would definitely not bought them if you have seen the product before placing the order?

Or perhaps this all happened to you, and you decided to actually go to the warehouse of the wholesaler, which is far away from your shop? So you had to make time, buy a (airplane) ticket and lose a day or two, to make sure that you order the right stuff? This would be OK if all the orders were consistent, but you ended up again with unsellable stuff after the fist order? Waste of money and more, a waste of your time! Who wants that?
We understand that completely. We don't want you to lose money, we don't want you to lose time! We understand that you need to make money with our goods, in order to have you back for a next order...
Even if you don't like what you have received, you can always send it back! 100% money back guarantee. The only costs you have to make is the return costs to us. And that is a lot less then a airplane ticket!
Therefore we launched our wholesale webstore for resellers:
1. Actual Content Photographed, So No Surprises! What you see = What you get
2. Free Shipping to Many EU Countries, Other countries Low Rates.
3. Oversea Express Shipping, like Australia
4. All Items in Good to Excellent Condition
5. 100% Money Back Guarantee
6. No Minimum Order


7. Real Leather Footwear


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