ILV vintage wholesale offers the following services to his relations and customers:


Online Webshop

Although we also sell shoes and clothing which are not visible online we have launched a webshop for our Retail customers, so they can see how our selections look in general, and with up to 5 pictures, they can exactly see each item inside the vintage lots we offer. This can help customers to make a good choice of products for in their shops. This service is unique and never executed in this scale! Especially for relations and customers from overseas this can be helpfull, because they can't come and visit us personally very easy. But they are still welcome to visit our wholesale location in Holland any time. Just give us a call and we make sure the coffee is ready when you get here...


Customized selection and delivery

We pay a lot of attention to our quality and selection process and make up a good mix of quality vintage products which vary in style, size and colour. To meet up specific wishes and desires of our customers it's also possible to place a specific order at our company. We will check if its possible to adjust our selection process to those specific wishes and will do you an offer.


Our main focus is to service and to supply retailers worldwide. We also welcome traders and wholesalers who like to export certain amounts of shoes and clothes to Africa, Russia and East-Europe. We can offer different and cheaper quality with different prices. If you're interested in exporting (large volumes of) shoes and clothes overseas you can call us and make an appointment. We can show you what kind of quality we can offer and give you advice about shipping and storing big amounts of shoes/clothes.


Customer service and support

It's very important to us to know what's going on in your business, so we can improve our services, selections and deliveries. With this in Mind We have started a newsletter for retailers, in which we inform our relations about upcoming events, tips and trics for Retailers, Marketing for your shop, improving your sales, fun and interesting facts about vintage and discounts. If you need more specific info or if you are interested in receiving this newsletter or have ideas for improvement, please do send us an email. Because we want you to do good business, we also like to support you by offering you free advice, the possibilty of mentioning your shop in our own marketing activities like our website, newsletter, social media presence and other...  Because if you sell good, then we will sell good!

So, don't hesitate to send us an email, give us a call, make an appointment and/or come and visit us personally. If possible we like to visit you personally as well.