Our Company

ILV Vintage Wholesale was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands, by Babak Mirjalili. Because of his personal approach and honesty he and his team made a lot of clients happy. Babak is always after a win-win situation for everybody.

At ILV Wholesale we take pride in offering our clients superior vintage footwear, clothing and accessories, while providing an honest and reliable online purchasing service. ?

After an exciting five years in business, we are proud to present to you our ILV Wholesale Webshop, unique in offering you the comfort and ease of buying online while supplying your business a fabulous selection of vintage items.?

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We are a dedicated team with the task of delivering the best vintage shoes, boots and vintage clothing, for the best price, with the highest service.

We understand that you need to make money with our goods, in order to keep you as a client.

If you lose money, we will lose you.




- That we photograph the actual content so you don't need to order blindly. So that you can see exactly what you are ordering.

- We offer a wide range of shoes and will start to offer clothing. Because we understand that vintage shops need a reliable wholesaler who can deliver the same high quality consistent.

- We offer free shipping and promotional discounts so you have enough space to make money, as all of us have more then enough bills to pay.

- We offer money back gurantee and refund for broken items. If you don't like what you have ordered, you can send it back within 14 days for a full refund. Only the return costs are for you. If you find broken or unsellable item, please let us know with 5 days of receival, include a picture of the item and we will refund you the same value you have purchased the item, in form of store credit so you can use it for your next order.


You are ofcourse also welcome to visit us. We are located near Amsterdam Airport and can even pick you up (by availability).


We hope that with all this, you have a better idea who we are and what we do. If you have any questions, or whatever, just contact us by email or by phone.